Selling Your Static Caravan
11.09.2015 15:47

So many people are unsure how to start if this involves selling their static caravan, also it can seen a little daunting, right here tips which will hopefully go a way to pointing you within the right direction.

Inform The Park Immediately - In case your caravan is sited on a journey park then it may be standard policy you need to inform the park that you're planning to market your caravan, one good reason being is the fact that many parks condition that they have to have first refusal. You will have to seek advice from the person park regarding policy about this however normally you don't have to accept parks offer they'll permitted you to definitely sell independently supplying the selling price is greater than that provided to you through the park. Generally you will get substantially more for the caravan using a private sale.

Selling Price - This is often a tough one for most people, though some investigation you need to have the ability to see what others with similar year and model are asking. One tip, should you come across such adverts attempt to try to discover once the caravan was initially offered for sale, if it's been a really very long time also it continues to have not offered, this is often an indication that individuals feel it's over listed. Keep in mind to obviously condition whether your selling price includes commission or site costs.

Commission - It may sometimes be a surprise with a proprietors once they understand that around the sale of the caravan they need to pay a commission towards the park, however this would be standard practice, 15% is exactly what some parks require however it can vary from park to fit so be such to check on using the park before advertising your caravan for sale.

Contents - If you're buying another caravan then you might want to take any the majority of the contents along with you, however if you're not (or maybe whatsoever possible) such as the contents within the sale cost could be a large positive point because it saves the customer from needing to pay to package the caravan out, additionally, it implies that when they plan to give the caravan services then it may be almost all set.

Caravans Services - Many potential purchasers will turn to buy a caravan using the aim of employing it, if a person contacts you which is the situation you might want to tell them of in which you presently advertise, if relevant. Some internet sites may permit the new owner to utilise any remaining advertising you've already taken care of, saving the customer some cash.



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